Thornton Streeter, DSc

Thornton Streeter, DSc

Thornton Streeter, DSc

Biofield Viewer - Center for Biofield Sciences

Dr Thornton Streeter is founder of the Centre for Biofield Sciences, now based in Panaji in our own research centre after 18 years at the UNESCO, MIT, World Peace Centre, to investigate the anatomy and physiology of the human biofield.

He is also founder of the Energy Medicine Exchange, a global community of over 39,000 health professionals, and welcomes any health professional and well-wishers to join our Facebook group!

The Centre for Biofield Sciences has conducted a large number of pioneering research projects including collaboration with other institutes such as the Kundalini Research Foundation in 2015 and in industry with a number of peer reviewed research studies, a selection of which can be viewed on line at

Since 2012 Dr Streeter has collaborated with John Catchpole to develop a subtle energy imaging system, the Biofield Viewer.

Dr. Streeter has spent over twenty five years specializing in research of the Human Biofield. He encourages research worldwide, designed to integrate modern medicine with traditional understanding from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.


The Biofield Viewer is a live imaging system that visualizes the interference patterns of light at and near the bodies surface. Here we see the functionality of the chakras and the meridian system.